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Continental is an Official Sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Continental in the News

1 April 2014 - Continental is partnering Asian Football Confederation as an Official Sponsor of the AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 (Link1, Link2).

12 March 2014 - Continental was voted as the best tyre brand in Germany by Autobild & Auto Zeitung Magazine Reader (Link1, Link2).

18 February 2014 - Continental has received approval from Volkswagen to supply Golf VII with 15 & 16-inch ContiEcoContact 5 & ContiPremiumContact 5. For VW CC it will be fitted with 17-inch ContiSportContact 5 & ContiEcoContact 5. The VW Beetle will be fitted with 20-inch ContiSportContact 5 (Read More).

13 February 2014 - Continental won 2 awards out of 5 in the Tire Technology International Awards: "Tyre Manufacturer of the Year" & Tyre Manufacturing Innovation of the Year" (Read More).

April 2013 - Continental has added another 1,000 stores in China in 2012 to make the total number of Continental Tyre Store in China to 2,500 stores (Read More).

10 October 2012 - Continental is the winner of the Tyre Manufacturer of the Year award at the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) TAFF Award (Read More).

10 October 2012 - J.D.Power Asia Pacific released its Japan Original Equipment (OE) Tyre Customer Satisfaction Study.  It found that for the Passenger Car Segment, Continental claimed the number 2 spot again, ahead of Bridgestone (Read More).

September 2012  - Continental has officially become the number 1 tyre manufacturer in terms of sales for year ending 2011 (Read More).

14 May 2012 - Continental just acquired full ownership in Continenal Sime Tyre (Malaysia) & has renamed it Continental Tyre Malaysia (Read More).

2 Jun 2011 - Continental just produced its 2 millionth ContiSeal Tyre at the firm's manufacturing plant in Lousado, Portugal (Read More).

18 May 2011 - Continental announced the opening of its first Chinese tyre plant in Hefei (China) capable of producing 4 million passenger tyres & expected to increase the production to 16 million tyres (Link1, Link2).

6 May 2011 - This year marks the 7th year of the launch of SSR Run-Flat Technology Tyre by Continental & Continental has produced its 10 millionth Run-Flat Tyre in Aachen, Germany & used as OEM for BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mini & Volvo (Link1, Link2).

11 Jan 2011 - Continental ContiSportContact 5 will introduce new range in spring 2011 with about 12% better rolling resistance due to the "Black Chilli Compound".  The new range will be in 17 & 18-inch series (50 to 35 profiles) for speed up to 300km/h (187mph) & for the 4x4s the ContiSportContact 5 will cover 55 to 45 series, suitable for 18, 19 & 20-inch rims, also for speed up to 300km/h (Read More).

11 Jan 2011 - Continental Tyre sales have exceeded 25 billion Euros in 2010 (Read More).

10 Jan 2011 - The latest generation of Conti Eco tyres cuts rolling resistance by 20% ContiEcoContact 5 is available in 15 sizes in 14 to 16 inch rim diameters in speed rating of V, W & Y (Read More).

5 Jan 2011  - Continental has been declared as the Tyre Brand Of The Year by Tyrereviews.co.uk.  Out of 11 tyre tests done by Tyrereviews in 2010, Continental won 6 and for the others, Continental came within the top 3 (Read More).

5 Jan 2011  - Continental ContiSportContact 5 P has been declared as the Ultra High Performance (UHP) Tyre Of The Year by Tyrereviews.co.uk.  It has received flawless praise on Tyrereviews (Read More).

16 Dec 2010J.D.Power Asia Pacific released its Japan Original Equipment (OE) Tyre Customer Satisfaction Study.  It found that for the Passenger Car Segment, Continental claimed the number 2 spot again, ahead of Bridgestone (Read More).

29 Nov 2010 - Continental tyre fanatics can dowload an iPhone app by Continental called ContiTireRace at iTunes in English & German (Read More).

29 Nov 2010 - Continental CSEasy Industrial tyre won the TecPart Innovation Prize 2010 (Read More).

19 Nov 2010 - Continental is launching the first tyre suited for the North & South America region - the steer & all-position HSR2 SA (Read More).

18 Nov 2010  - Continental Industrial Tyres is celebrating 10 years of partnering the world's leading champagne producer, Mot et Chandon.  The cellar is using about 90 forklifts fitted with Continental SC20 tyres & they managed to handle more than 100 million bottles ensuring that the corks do not pop prematurely (Link1, Link2).

4 Nov 2010 - Continental ContiProContact with EcoPlus Technology was awarded "Best New Product" at the Special Equipment Marketing (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas for its innovative low-rolling resistance & fuel-saving features (Read More).

3 Nov 2010 - Continental predicted that its sales will exceed 25 Billion Euros (Read More).

1 Nov 2010 - Continental announced price increase of up to 6.5% in USA market effective January 1, 2011 in response to the continuing rise in raw material cost (Read More).

25 Oct 2010 - Continental will invest over 500 million Euros in new tyre plants, boosting capacity in China & Brazil (Read More).

2 Aug 2010 - Continental rubber compound will be used in some of Adidas shoes.  This shows that Continental have the expertise in rubber technology compared to other manufacturers (Read More).

26 July 2010 - 6 teams in the Tour de France cycling race use Continental Tyres.  In the general classification, the team using Continental Tyres came 2nd (Read More). 

26 July 2010 - Continental will sponsor FC Bayern Munich until 2015 (Read More).

7 July 2010 - ADAC Motorwelt motoring association (Germany) did a survey among its 4,000 members & 40% of them prefer Continental compared to other brand (France based brand was 2nd & American brand 3rd) - (Read More).

July 2010 - Fast Car Magazine has awarded Continental "Best of the Best" in its 2010 award (Read More).

10 June 2010 - Continental received the "OSCAR" for the tyre industry in Europe for new & environmentally friendly claim adjustment system (Read more).

2 June 2010 - All 32 team buses for the 2010 South Africa World Cup are being equipped with Continental HSR 1 Premium Bus Tyre (Read More).

15 February 2010 - Auto Zeitung Magazine (Germany) has voted Continental as the "Best Brand" for the 3rd year running (Read More).

7 January 2010 - J.D.Power Asia Pacific released its Japan Original Equipment (OE) Tyre Customer Satisfaction Index Study.  It found that for the Passenger Car Segment, Continental claimed the number 2 spot, ahead of Bridgestone (Read More).

28 December 2009 - Continental opened its 900th tyre shop in China.  It was opening about 1 new shop a day in China since late 2007 until now.

20 July 2009 - ADAC motorwelt (Germany) survey among its 4,000 members found that 1 in 4 will choose Continental tyres & Continental was also the best known tyre brand - 1st Place (Read More)

26 March 2009 - Continental Sime Tyre (Malaysia) receives its third consecutive Outstanding Quality Performance Award from Toyota Assembly Services (Malaysia), especially for Toyota Innova & Toyota Hilux (Read More).

25 February 2009 - Auto Zeitung Magazine (Germany) readers voted Continental as the BEST tyre brand 2008 out of 23 makers (Read More).

24 October 2008 - Deutsche Post awarded Continental as the "Most Improved Suppliers of 2008" (Read More).

22 November 2007 - Continental has claimed then number 1 position as supplier of passenger & light truck tyres in Europe (Read More).

2007 - The largest taxi fleet in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) - Vietnam Vina Taxi has been using Continental tyres since 2007.

8 June 2006 - All 2006 FIFA World Cup team vehicles in Germany will be fitted with Continental HSL1 or HSR1 tyres (Read More).

2005 - Continental was awarded the "Best Tyre Brand of the Year 2005" in UK (Read More)

24 March 2004 - Continental has clinched the title of "UK's Tyre Brand of the Year 2004" at NTDA Annual Dinner (Read More).

1980 - Continental has been supplying tyres to the Ministry of Defence in Malaysia since 1980.

Continental Facts


Continental is the number 1 Tyre Manufacturer in Germany.


Continental is the number 1 Tyre Manufacturer in Europe for Original Equipment (OE) Tyres.  Continental Tyres are fitted to 1 in 3 New European cars.


Continental is the number 1 Tyre Manufacturer in the World(Read More).


Continental Tyre holds the Guinness Book of World Record as the fastest standard production road tyre - 288mph/388kmh (Read More).


Continental produce more than 124,000,000 tyres per year globally in 14 countries (Read More).


Continental is one of the top five International Auto Parts suppliers after acquiring Siemens VDO, producing braking systems, shock absorbers, hoses, drive belts, conveyor belting, transmission products & sealing systems.

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