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Wheel Weights are used to balance a wheel-and-tire combination properly.  The weights usually attach to the wheel by clipping onto the edge of the wheel or being affixed with double-sided tape.  Wheel Weights with clips are used for Steel Wheel & Self-adhesive stick-on weights are normally preferred for Alloy or other types of Wheels.  


We can help you to source a wide variety of Wheel Weights from reputable manufacturers.  At present, there are 3 different metal that we use for wheel weights, they are Iron (Fe), Lead & Zinc (Zn).  Normally we only use 3M brand for the double side tape for all our weights, however for those customer who need lower price, we can change the tape using normal double sided tape.  We can customized the length, width & thickness of the wheel weights.


In the past, Lead has been the single most popular metal used as wheel weights.  However due to its environmental concern, many car factories have switched to a more environmentally friendly metal, such as Iron (Fe) & Zinc (Zn).  Wheel weights are easily lost on the road when the car is traveling at high speed.  These lead weights that were lost on the road can caused lead contamination of the road surface, ground water & also drinking water supplies.


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