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Maxxis Passenger Car Tyres 

Maxxis Passenger Car Tyres are divided into several different groups including High Performance Tyres & Ultra High Performance (UHP) Tyres.

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Ultra High Performance (UHP) Tyre

(Ban Performa Ultra Tinggi)

Victra Series

Waltz Series (55-70 Profile)

35-65 Profile

i-Pro MA-Z1 MS300 MA-V1
15"-18" 15"-20" 15"-17" 13"18"

High Performance Tyre

(Ban Performa Tinggi)

55-70 Profile 60 Profile Nissan March
MA-P1 MA-651 MA-307
13"-15" 16" 15"

Light Truck & SUVs

70 Profile

Light Truck

80 Profile