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We can help you to source & outsouce for Cosmetic Brush suppliers.  We can provide individual brushes or Cosmetic Brush Set or Kit with a variety of brushes.  The brush hair comes in a wide range of choices from Pony Hair, Taklon Hair, Sabre Hair, Goat Hair, Synthetic Hair, Squirrel Hair, Weasel Hair, Nylon Hair, Kolinsky Hair, Badger Hair, Raccoon Hair or others.  The brush handle can be made of wood or plastic & the ferrule can be made of aluminium.  The brush set can come with leather case, nylon bags or others. 


Animal hair is used because the natural bristles have scales or hollows that trap makeup particles, resulting in a more effective & even application.  Squirrel hair is one of the most expensive types & has to be assembled by hand to preserve its tips.  Pony hair, which is a little stiffer than other types, is used mostly for eye shadow brushes.


Please let us know the type of brushes that you need.  We will get back to you with the best quotation.  The following are some of the brushes that we can provide:

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