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Continental Tyres Legend

Key to symbols/abbreviations Maximum Speed
' in preparation C 60km/hr (38mph)
# stock remainders only D 65km/hr (41mph)
TL Tubeless E 70km/hr (44mph)
TT Tube-type F 80km/hr (50mph)
reinf. Reinforced G 90km/hr (56mph)
FR Rim Protection J 100km/hr (63mph)
XL Extra Load (Reinforced) K 110km/hr (69mph)
BSW Black Sidewall L 120km/hr (75mph)
OWL Outer White Letters M 130km/hr (81mph)
LT Light Truck N 140km/hr (87mph)
P Passenger P 150km/hr (94mph)
SUV Sport Utility Vehicle Q 160km/hr (100mph)
SSR Self Supporting Runflat R 170km/hr (106mph)
AO For Audi Models S 180km/hr (112mph)
J For Jaguar Models T 190km/hr (118mph)
N0 For Porsche Models U 200km/hr (125mph)
N1 For Porsche Models H 210km/hr (130mph)
N2 For Porsche Models V 240km/hr (150mph)
MO, MO1 For Mercedes Models VR 210km/hr (131mph)
MO Extended Runflat tyre for Mercedes Models W 270km/hr (169mph)
M3 For BMW M3 ZR 240km/hr (150mph)
* For BMW Models Y 300km/hr (187mph)
RO1 For Models from Audiquattro GmbH    
RF SSR tyre with special structure    
S Sport    
Vmax High-Speed Version, for tuning models    

Optimized rolling resistance tyres according

the original equipment requirements

ContiSeal self-sealing standard production tyres    
UTQG Uniform Tyre Quality Grading