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TBR Tyres - CR939+

Cheng Shin

Features & Benefits (Fitur & Keuntungan)

The special design in the pattern mix improves steering control, driving experience & creates a more even wear
The tyre has 4 layers of steel belts to protect the tyre from sharp objects & longer life
Extra strong tyre structure & casing, with specially designed tyre bead protects the tyre from blowing up & provides durability
Special rubber compound improves heat dissipation & enable the tyre to run at a high speed
Strong casing construction enables the tyre to be retreaded several times & increase the value of the casing

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Cheng Shin CR939+ truck tyre is the tyre for commercial transport. It has a newly designed tread pattern that maximize the heat dissipation. It has a unique tread compound that provides exceptional grip. The strong & durable construction adds stability & outstanding load capacity.

Sizes PR Rim Width (Inch) Minimum Distance (km)
1000R20 16 7.50 40,000
1100R20 16 8.00 40,000

All the above sizes are now available in Indonesia.  Please contact the nearest tyre shop or contact us for more information.

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